14 hours of sketching
January 01, 2024
This is Lilian, a model from India—one of the 21 models I drew yesterday in the epic 14 hour zoom sesh run by @scottishborderslifedrawingclub on Instagram. Yes that was no typo. 14 hours!

Inspired by this sketch? Leave a comment below, or share your sketch with me over at Artventure!


  1. Jan Lorman

    Wow, very nice. Love the values.

  2. Candy Miller

    Great expression you captured for her! I’ll bet your sketching session was a blast!

    • sandy@sandyallnock.com

      Thank you! It was enjoyable but totally felt like an athletic event. I was always gauging how far we were, 1/4 of the way, halfway..,a lot of mental gymnastics to keep going!

      • Candy Miller

        You had more practice in that period of time than most of your followers/students have in a year! Way to make all of us look like slugs! Haha!

        • sandy@sandyallnock.com

          LOL! No slugs out there. Some of those 54 drawings were…..uh really really bad. LOL


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