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Sandy’s been making art her whole life — from paints to pencils to markers, she works with many mediums!

Browse the gallery below and you’ll see the breadth of her work. Or find art in the shop to frame for yourself or as a gift!

Thank you for your investment in my work. I appreciate you!

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By far watercolor has become Sandy’s preferred medium, as she loves a long journey of exploration.


As the foundation of her work, Sandy’s drawn since childhood. Pens, pencils, and markers are welcome in her studio.


Few art tools are ejected from the studio. Testing different tools and surfaces is her favorite way to spend a day.

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Opening an art package is a treat.

“I have to say, opening an art package  is a treat when it’s from you. Wrapped beautifully with a wax seal and a handmade card? Fantastic touches that make me feel special.”

- Karen D., Missouri

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