A new adventure
April 15, 2024
A sweet friend heard me say Mom wants me to do more portraits. And she gifted me a 30day portrait class! I’m excited yet in way over my head. This is far looser than I’m used to. Also pretty sure I won’t make it in 30 days, but stay tuned. We’ll see.

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  1. Elayne Catey

    I’ve always thought your portraits wonderful – I remember Aretha Franklin, Betty White, etc. It surprises me that you aren’t totally confident with doing portraits. This one is great, you manage to capture such expression. Keep doing it!!!!

  2. Patricia Vilbaum

    I see what you mean about it being loose, but you still capture all the elements of highlights on the hair, expression in the eyes and shading in all the areas of the painting. Stick with it. The only area where the tones seem too distinctly different IMHO is the light area across her nose and cheeks, that sort of jumps out at me.

    • sandy@sandyallnock.com

      That was actually a big part of the photo. I’m not sure I would have selected that one for a portrait myself if it weren’t a class.

  3. shelly

    I find it fascinating how artists can capture the complexities of the human anatomy, gestures/facial expressions and the contrast lighting in just a few strokes. You say this is looser than what you are used to. You managed to successfully capture those elements. I look forward to seeing how you evolve over the 30-day class.

  4. Leah Hamrick

    Great! So expressive!


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