Fill out the application at the bottom of this page; we’ll chat by email, and once the deposit is received, I’ll send a PDF you can print and wrap or email to the recipient. We’ll work on getting photos from them after Christmas!

Applications are accepted anytime, though may not be completed for some time as I have other projects going on. If completing the application be sure to indicate when you need it.

Some of the commissions completed:

Hello From the artist


I love drawing animals — ever since I was a child I wanted to be a wildlife illustrator, and have come to know that our domesticated pups, cats, and other critters are sometimes just as wild!

The samples below are mostly pastel since that’s what I’ve been diving into lately, using my Mom’s pastels and getting her advice and critiques while I still have her. But I also work in other mediums, and future seasons of commissions will include different ones.

If the application window is closed you may still send one in, though I may not be able to address it until I clear a time to work on such projects.


I love animals of all kinds — domesticated pets and wildlife! Provide your own photos, or if requesting a wild creature, search at PMP, my favorite reference site (get a free account there), for a selection.

Or send in a vacation photo so I can go on a virtual trip while I create art for you!

At this time I’m still working on my figure drawing skills, so no figurative (people) commissions are being accepted.


Normally I work in a number of mediums, but commissions isn’t one of them. Often commissions inspire a client but not always an artist, leaving the art lacking.

I’m in a season of polishing my skills with soft pastels. And if I’m creating in a medium I want to learn, then I get practice at a skill while you get a lovely piece of art. It’s a win-win proposition!


The size you choose may depend on your budget, but also on the subject matter. The larger the painting, the more the detail that can be included.

The small size is 8″ x 10″, perfect for a head and neck portrait, or a small simplified landscape. On a medium portrait, 9″ x 12″, a full-body animal is possible, and the large 16″ x 20″ would accomodate that as well as multiple animals with ease.

You can request an alternate size from this chart, so when you fill out the form just include that in the Message section and we can work out a price.


Pastel is a lovely medium for beautiful landscapes, whether a vacation photo, the view from your cabin, or a pastoral scene that evokes memories.

I also love creating gardens and flowers; close up single blossoms or a whole garden may be options.

As always, send a few photos and we can discuss by email so I can be sure to provide you with the most beautiful piece that suits your budget well. I want you to be happy with your artwork!


Most popular is an 8″ x 10″ or 9″ x 12″ — both can accomodate a single head-and-neck of an animal easily. The larger the piece, the more a full body shot or multiple animals can be included (see more on “add ons” below).

The medium may determine whether or not a particular size or photo reference are a good match, and we can definitely discuss options. 

If a scene is needed, consider a larger piece in order to accomodate more elements.


If an alternate size is requested, we can negotiate! Note shipping and handling prices listed, and see “add-ons” and Sketch Commissions below for more options.


A few add-ons you may wish to consider:

  1. Multi-animals: 20% surcharge per extra animal (one is included)
  2. Complex elements: we can discuss via email if a special scene element is a must
  3. Framing: for local orders only, we can discuss via email

Before you’re committed, we’ll agree on an invoice. 

Half-down deposit required once invoice is approved. 


The best photos are in focus, well lit, and show the subject’s personality! Animals don’t sit still much, so send in a variety of pics from different angles that could supplement your favorite pose—they likely could be combined together.

I love changing things up in backgrounds to add drama, atmosphere, and to hide the sofa or busy elements in the background!

Name your photos so that I can connect them with you and your pet: lastname_kitty1.jpg etc


  1. Fill out and submit the form at LEFT.
  2. Name all photos with PET’S NAME(s); other photos must be titled with YOUR name.
  3. Then upload the photos using the button at RIGHT.


MEDIUM (If selecting more than one option, please rank choices in a comment below)