Tiffany lamp gone awry
January 11, 2024
Trying a Moleskine 12×18 sketchbook; it likes my 9B a lot. I sketched the lamp on my lap on the sofa – and oh my did it leeeeean to the right when I held it up straight. The entire lampshade was wonky, the stand was at an angle. I thickened the stand to try to […]

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  1. Cindy Madrulli

    That is a difficult project to tackle.
    Time to pull out the more organic props… more forgiving in my book.
    Good for you for giving it a go.
    Stay warm. I’m freezing here. We got some white stuff, not sure if it was snow or ice.
    it was like 17 degrees, Love the snowflake!
    Have a great week!
    Captcha is not being nice. Hum…

  2. Cindy Madrulli

    On second thought, it would look nice in a still life with little treasures and flowers.
    Reminds me of ” to kill a mockingbird”. The vignettes of the treasures the kids had.
    Another place to visit in our artistic minds. Inspiration abounds here…

  3. Leah Hamrick

    Maybe it’s a knock off! It is still a pretty lamp.


      Oh it’s not a “true” Tiffany lamp. But it was my drawing that’s crooked not the light.


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